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Conference program

All times are in Geneva time (Central European Summer Time, UTC+2)

Thursday May 12 2022

  Francesco Pisano and Blandine Blukacz-Louisfert Welcome
  Martin Grandjean Introduction to the conference
09:45 SESSION 1 Intellectual Cooperation in the Diplomatic Field (chair: Ludovic Tournès)
  Charlotte Faucher European cultural diplomacies and the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation (ICIC)
  Marilena Papadaki N. Politis (1872-1942), a “governments’ intellectual’: the promotion of the idea of intellectual cooperation as a basis for world peace
  Pelle Van Dijk Mobilising international public opinion: Moral disarmament as the public diplomacy of the League of Nations
10:45 Coffee pause  
11:15 SESSION 2 Foundations of Intellectual Cooperation (chair: Daniel Laqua)
  Jonathan Voges In the engine room of intellectual cooperation. A prosographic approach to the civil servants of the Institut international de coopération intellectuelle in Paris
  Ilaria Scaglia A League of Minds with a Heart: Intellectual Cooperation and Emotions in the Interwar Period and Beyond
  Gabriel Galvez-Behar Intellectual Cooperation and the Institutionalization of Scientific Research
12:15 Lunch  
13:30 SESSION 3 Central and Eastern Europe, Fertile Ground for Intellectual Cooperation (chair: Sandrine Kott)
  Johannes Feichtinger Central Europe and The Making of Intellectual Cooperation
  Anastassiya Schacht Scholars amidst borders: Soviet representation to the League’s Committee on Intellectual Cooperation as an attempt of cross-ideological cooperation in the interwar Europe
  Monika Šipelytė Gabrielle Radziwill: the story of Eastern European princess at the service of Intellectual Cooperation
14:30 Coffee pause  
15:00 SESSION 4 Arts and Culture at the League of Nations (chair: Diana Roig Sanz)
  Camila Gatica Mizala ‘Le film, éducateur universel”. The reception of the International Educational Cinematographic Institute in Chile
  Annamaria Ducci The League of Nations and Cultural Heritage. For an intellectual history of a notion
  Christiane Sibille « Les relations internationales au point de vue musical » – Music and Intellectual Cooperation
16:00 Pause  
16:30 SESSION 5 Latin American intellectual cooperation (chair: Martin Grandjean)
  Leandro Lacquaniti The Argentine Commission for Intellectual Cooperation. The itinerary of a cultural diplomacy agency of the Argentine State (1936-1948)
  Nelva Mildred Hernandez Sosa and Alexandra Pita Gonzalez Mexico and the Permanent International Studies Conference. The Sense of the International, 1928-1939
17:10 End of the first day  

Friday May 13 2022

  Martin Grandjean Welcome
  Blandine Blukacz-Louisfert and Adama Pam The archives of intellectual cooperation
09:45 SESSION 6 Asia and Intellectual Cooperation: a Long-Distance Relationship (chair: Harumi Goto-Shibata)
  Arnab Dutta Towards the Invention of a Common Language of Science: The League of Nations’ Committee for Intellectual Cooperation and the Colonial Question in British India
  Takashi Saikawa Nationalism and Internationalism in Intellectual Co-operation: Aikitsu Tanakadate and the Romanization of Japanese Language
  Jennifer Chang Beyond Representation: The Bibliothèque Sino-Internationale and the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation, 1933-1939
10:45 Coffee pause  
11:15 SESSION 7 The League of Nations and Educational Issues (chair: Corinne Pernet)
  Emeline Brylinski and Rita Hofstetter Education and childhood, a coveted field. The International Bureau of Education, an intergovernmental body seized in its relational network
  Kaiyi Li Teaching about the League of Nations: An attempt of cultivating international consensus during the interwar period
  Xavier Riondet How to guide and justify the work of the Intellectual Cooperation on textbooks? About the constitution and the action of the Committee of Experts de 1931
12:15 Lunch  
13:30 SESSION 8 Intellectual Cooperation Facing Political Challenges in Western Europe (chair: Sacha Zala)
  Tomás Irish ‘The League Committee of Intellectual Cooperation […] has never attracted much sympathy in Great Britain’: Britain and Intellectual Co-operation in the Interwar Period
  Benjamin Martin Fascist Cultural Internationalism? Intellectual Cooperation in Mussolini’s Italy, 1925-1937
  Jan Stöckmann Academic Refugees and Intellectual Cooperation at the League of Nations
14:30 Coffee pause  
15:00 SESSION 9 The Central Role of Women in Intellectual Cooperation (chair: Tomás Irish)
  Joyce Goodman Laura Dreyfus-Barney (1897-1974), the International Council of Women and International Intellectual Cooperation at Paris, Geneva, and Rome
  Diana Roig Sanz A Global and Gender Perspective to the Historiography of Intellectual Cooperation
  Itzel Toledo Garcia Women in International Cooperation during the Interwar Period: the case of Mexican Palma Guillén
16:00 Pause  
16:30 SESSION 10 Literary questions at the League of Nations (chair: Alexandra Pita Gonzalez)
  Elisabet Carbo-Catalan Translation activities in the Organization of Intellectual Cooperation
  Thomas Davies Three Approaches to Transnational Intellectual Cooperation: The Entente Committee of the Royal Society of Literature, International PEN, and the Co-ordinating Committee of the Major International Associations, 1916-1939
  Organizers Conclusion
17:30 End of the conference