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The Archives of Intellectual Cooperation

The archives of intellectual cooperation consist of two very complementary documentary sets: the archives of the Committee (ICIC), kept in Geneva within the League of Nations archives, and the archives of the Institute (IIIC), kept in Paris within the UNESCO archives. The two collections also contain preparatory documents several years prior to the creation of these two entities, from 1919 for the Committee (although it did not begin its activities until 1922), and from 1924 for the Institute (inaugurated in 1926). It is not uncommon for documents or their copies to appear simultaneously in both collections.

These two collections have recently been fully digitized and are now available online.

The archives of the Committee

đź“– United Nations Library & Archives, Geneva

The Total Digital Access to the League of Nations Archives Project (LONTAD) will ensure state-of-the-art free online access and the digital and physical preservation of approximately 15 million pages, or almost three linear kilometers, the entirety of the archives of the League of Nations (1920-1946), the first global intergovernmental organization aiming to establish international peace and cooperation, and the predecessor of the United Nations. The LONTAD project is made possible through a generous donation of a private Swiss foundation. Read more…

The archives can be seen here: You can also visit the Total Digital Access to the League of Nations Archives Project website. The UN Library & Archives in Geneva are also maintaining an online guide on Intellectual Cooperation.

The archives of the Institute

đź“– UNESCO Archives, Paris

In 2015, UNESCO launched a fundraising project to digitize the Organization’s archives dating back to its predecessors, including the League of Nations’ International Institute for Intellectual Cooperation. The project is an important step in preserving key parts of our collective memory and in making these records more readily available to the public. Two years later, thanks to the generous support of the Government of Japan, UNESCO launched a major two-year initiative. In partnership with the digitization company Picturae BV, an on-site laboratory was installed at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris in February of 2018. Read more…

Visit the Digitizing our Shared UNESCO History website or browse the IIIC archives. The UNESCO Archives are also maintaining an online guide on the Institute.

Pictures: League of Nations Archives (UNOG Library, Geneva) CM075 and CM080.